Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go Wiki

The All Engines Go Test Animation was created in 2019 [1]. Mattel was then interested by the test animation and partnered with Nelvana to create Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go in 2020. Footage from the test animation was accidentally shown in a Cartoonito sizzler in 2021 to promote the block.




  • There are numerous differences between the test animation and final designs of Thomas and Gordon; these include:
    • The facial designs are much simpler and made up of more geometric shapes.
    • The eyebrows on both Thomas and Gordon have rivets.
    • Thomas and Gordon have coupling rods, albeit between the wheel centers.
    • Thomas and Gordon are lacking their smokebox saddles.
    • Thomas' wheel arch and side tank lining is connected, while his bunker lining is missing entirely.
    • Thomas' rear buffer beam is missing.
    • The lens of Thomas' headlamp is blue instead of yellow.
    • Thomas and Gordon's numbers lack their red borders.
    • The insides of Thomas' front windows are yellow.
    • Thomas is lacking his boiler.
    • Gordon's whistle and funnel are much larger.
    • A line of rivets runs up the side of Gordon's funnel.
    • Gordon lacks lining on his boiler, wheel arches and cylinders, the former of which is replaced by a line of rivets.
    • Gordon's running board is red.
    • Gordon is lacking his headlamp.
    • Gordon retains his 4-6-2 wheel arrangement and the extra wheelset on his tender as in the original series.
    • Gordon's tender is lacking its coal.
  • The storyboards for the test animation were briefly posted on Mike MacDougall's website in June 2021, but were later taken down. The episode in full with its finished animation and audio has yet to be seen by the public.
  • Tidmouth Sheds is made of red brick with a black roof and lacks the turntable and solar panels.
    • In a storyboard, it also retains its 7 berths from the original series. This is because Carly and Sandy were originally going to live in Tidmouth Sheds along with the rest of the engines. [2]
  • A crane bearing a loose resemblance to Cranky is seen loading Thomas' truck with hay.
  • The buffers on one of the sidings are incorrectly depicted with lightbulbs instead of buffers.


  • Thomas' headlamp disconnects from his running board in a few frames of the animation.
  • Thomas is lacking his eyebrows when the hay gets dropped into his car.